It Begins …

Thanks for checking out our new blog. Hopefully we’ll be able to entertain, inform and inspire some of you to set new goals and do things you never thought you could. We’ll start by giving you a brief look into our lives and in the following weeks we’ll share our stories and lessons learned as well as some of our current goals.

We both grew up being pretty active kids – Kris in Illinois, me (Mindy) in Arizona. We participated in various team sports and generally enjoyed being outside doing things. We met at Arizona State University – began dating and finding active things to do together – Kris introduced me to golf, I introduced him to ice hockey, we played on coed soccer teams and regularly went out hiking and camping. A couple years into our marriage, life slowed us down a little. While we still tried to remain active, our fitness levels dropped and it was time to start setting some goals.

In January 2007 we participated in our first 1/2 marathon – PF Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll in Phoenix. If anyone had told us that within 4 years we’d complete our first Ironman we probably would have laughed in their face … but, here we are … one down with more to come. The past 4 years have been quite a journey … we hope you enjoy and are able to learn a little from the numerous mistakes we have made along the way.


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