A few good links…

With Twitter, Facebook and everything else online, I see a lot of articles floating by that I think are pretty swell for one reason or another.  And since I think it would be selfish of me to keep them all to myself, every once in a while I’ll try to pluck a few good links off the world wide web to share with you.  Hopefully at least one strikes your fancy….enjoy!  (If you see something you’d like to send our way, please do! Either post in the comments, or email us and we’ll add it to the blog.)  Without further delay…

A few good links….

Competitor.com finally has a training food plan I can go for- though I’d prefer Chipotle!

From our friends at Active.com a short (and good!) article about overuse injuries, especially for newer runners!

Wondering about all the race gels with caffeine? Inside Triathlon has some insight into the topic, and potentially good news for folks who usually stay away from caffeine (other than the money we save by skipping Starbucks!).

Runners World provides 8 principles of running/training from running guru Dr. Jack Daniels.

Gothamist.com provides a great story of police officers and cyclists getting along in harmony- only the exact opposite.

And finally, I don’t usually get involved in politics, but I’ll make this exception– courtesy of the NY Times.

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