Race Review – Prescott Basin 10K

Prescott, AZ
October 13th, 2012
While most of our races are planned – at least a couple weeks in advance – this one was found and decided upon last minute.  My marathon training plan called for 6 miles with hills this weekend.  Mid-week, our friend (Angi) asked what we were doing and if we wanted to do a trail run near her house.  Once we realized the trail run was not near her house, we looked around at other options and found this 10K in Prescott.  Not only was it the right distance, the website (which is not terribly impressive) mentioned hills … so, let’s go!  Plus (and, this was the deciding factor!) the male and female winners would earn a spot on the firetruck in the Prescott Christmas Parade … how could we not go for it?!
Since the race was early on Saturday morning we played around with the idea of driving up Friday and camping but then decided to stay at Angi’s house instead (north Phoenix).  We weren’t excited about the early morning, but at least this would cut about an hour off our drive time and still allow us to sleep in a real bed.  Plus, it was suppose to drop into the 30s overnight … brrr!  So, Saturday morning we were up at 5:15am (out of the house around 5:45), we filled up the gas tank and headed north.
We arrived in Prescott around 7:30 and headed to registration.  We realized there were not many participants (35 in the 10K) when we easily found a parking spot on the street right next to the registration table.  On the drive we were worried about having enough time to register and warm-up … this was not a problem!  We were able to register, jog around the block several times, hit the portapotties several times and get to the start line … well, there wasn’t really a start line, we just stood by the guy giving directions.

I was also a little worried about the cold and had brought arm warmers for the race.  However, after our warm-up I realized I wouldn’t need them.

As we were standing, waiting to start (we started about 10 minutes late), Angi and I started looking at the competition.  There were 4 high school boys who looked like they were probably pretty good runners and then a few other men we figured would be quick.  For the ladies, we couldn’t tell – there was one we thought would be competition and then found out she had run in the olympic marathon trials … uh oh!  Then, they introduced another lady who had just won some half marathon or marathon nearby … hmmm … we were going to have our work cut out for us!  
The race was started by sounding the fire engine and we were off.  It was Angi, the olympic trial lady and the 4 high school boys off to a fast start and then I was behind them by myself.  I was hoping it would stay that way because they had prizes for the top 3 overall male and female finishers.  Then, as we hit the first hill I heard someone coming and saw a ponytail in the shadow … shucks, it was the other lady they introduced.  So, I tried to stick close by on the hill hoping that she would burn out … but, she didn’t.  By mile two, she was gone and I was on my own.  
This was definitely a hilly course – there was no flat! The first couple miles were mostly up, then rollers (with some more steep ups) and the final stretch was mostly down.  The course was well marked; however, there were a couple times I wasn’t sure if I was going the right way because I couldn’t see anyone else around me – it was weird running in such a small event and being on my own for most of the race!
As I rounded the corner heading back to the finish area (again, no real line – just ran to the timer) I saw Angi and Kris cheering me on to my 8th place finish – 4th female.  Given the competition, hills and altitude, I can’t be too disappointed, but that definitely gives me the motivation to work on my speed and hill training!
As I finished, I was given my medal (which says 2011 on it), grabbed some food (bagels, bananas, apples, brownies) and went to meet up with Kris and Angi.  Angi was able to drop the olympic trial lady and came in with a 1st place finish for the ladies! Kris, who wasn’t planning on running, decided to do the 5K last minute and came in 2nd overall – yes, in this outfit!
We then went for a recovery run on this path along a creek – some parts were nice but I wouldn’t suggest going alone.  Apparently, the park it leads to is affectionately called ‘crackhead park’ by the locals.  We got to the park, stretched a little and jogged back.  
At that point we stocked up on a little more food and water, took our pictures with the firetruck and a nice firefighter, and talked to the race director about riding in the parade.  Good news … he said we could all ride! YIPPEE!
After the race, none of us were quite ready to head back to Phoenix so we walked around Prescott a little.  They had a fun arts and crafts show going on so we walked through, checked-out all the vendors and enjoyed the weather. 
As we were getting near the end of the vendors, Angi was ready for coffee so we checked out a local coffee shop – Cuppers.  We sat for a bit while we planned what to do next … we decided it was time for food and walked the streets looking for a good restaurant.
We went with the Lone Spur Cafe and were not disappointed! However, they serve HUGE portions! We could have easily shared!!

After we ate, we drove to Willow Lake to look for a spot to sit and relax.  We walked around a little and, while this is a beautiful area, there really wasn’t a good place to sit so we decided it was time to head back home.

After the early morning adventure, everyone was pooped! What a fun morning!  We can’t wait to go back up in a few weeks for the parade and will definitely plan to do this race again next year … especially since Kris earned a free entry with his 2nd place finish!  

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