Ride Review – Tour de Scottsdale

Christina and I before the ride

Scottsdale, AZ

October 14th, 2012
This is a ride I have thought about doing the past couple years and it hasn’t worked with my schedule until now.  Our Jobing.com women’s team decided to participate in this ride as a team fundraiser for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  We had the option of riding the 30-mile course or 70-mile course and when Christina mentioned wanting to do the 30-miler I was in and excited to ride it with her! 
This was an early morning ride – it started at 6:30am! We arrived at DC Ranch around 5:45 and the parking lot was packed! It took a while to get a spot – Kris ended up dropping me off so I could get to registration before it closed at 6.  I picked up my race goodies and headed back to the truck to get all my gear.  I then met up with Christina and we found our place in the 30-mile corral (behind all the 70-milers).

As the ride started – the people in the first corral were ready to race! We started several minutes later and had a slow start since it was so packed.  The riders quickly thinned out and we were on our way – it was a beautiful morning!

Within the first couple miles we met up with another teammate and were happy to have the company! Mandi, Christina and I talked the whole time and enjoyed the ride together.  It was a great course, great company and the time went by very quickly!

Yes, the first 20 miles were slower than the last 10 – it’s not steep, but it is uphill for the first 2/3s of the ride and then it’s a fun downhill back to DC Ranch.  Almost all traffic lights were controlled by police officers so we never had to stop on this ride and we passed two aid stations (but, didn’t stop).

The aid stations appeared well stocked and there was plenty of food at the finish.

As we finished we were handed medals and instructed to keep riding – they did a good job of making sure the finish area was safe! We found a good spot to stop and store our bikes while we made our way around the vendors at the expo.

As we walked around, we ate and stuffed our jerseys with goodies.  We then hung out at the Endurance Rehab tent for a while and used their recovery boots … those were pretty sweet!

It didn’t take long before the first 70-mile riders were back … yes, they were quick! There are a handful of riders ready to race this event each year. However, most people who come out to this event are there to participate in the tour and enjoy the ride – there are plenty of aid station and this course is great for riders of all ages and abilities!

It was a fun morning and I wouldn’t hesitate to do this event again!


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