Race Review – Family Fitness 5k

On January 12, 2013 we participated in the Family Fitness 5k benefiting Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School (my alma matter) and Kyrene de la Paloma Elementary School.

We found out about and participated in this event a couple years back when Tribe Multisport (our triathlon shop) was a sponsor.  We were impressed with how well it was run and we like to support it when we can.

Another perk of hosting this event at a
school – being able to use the gym.  This
provided us with a great restroom facility
and a warm place to hang out prior to the
race so we could stretch and warm-up

Since the event takes place at a middle school, there is a nice track facility for the ‘expo’, refreshments and awards.  They had a few vendors (Rubios, Muscle Milk, a chiropractor, a dentist, representatives from Skirt Chaser, …) who had tents set up and were offering goodies both before and after the race. They also had a nice spread of refreshments when we were done.  In addition to awards, they had raffle prizes – all participants had a free entry into the raffle.  

The 5k started first.
They started us on the track.  After running once around the track we headed into the neighborhood.

The rest of the course was through the neighborhood.  They looped us through the greenbelt where they had a water station and then we ran a loop around the neighborhood.  They had volunteers at every street crossing to make sure the path was clear as we ran through.  It was a flat, fast, fun course.

This morning happened to be quite cold – but, both of us were able to pull off new PRs and podium.

I think I prefer my age group over Kris’! Luckily the first two
in his age group were in the top 3 overall and were taken
out of age group awards.

Once everyone was done with the 5k, they started the 1.3 mile run – they always make sure the events are spread out enough that all participants are able to participate in both distances if they’d like to.  Our nieces came out to volunteer and were positioned as crossing guards during the 1.3 mile run.  So, after the 5k we went to hang out with them while we waited for awards.

Once both events were done they handed out awards.  They had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals for everyone who podiumed.  As the 3rd overall female I was also given a $15 gift certificate to Road ID.

Mindy – 3rd Overal Female
Kris – 1st in Age Group
One thing I really like about this event is how family friendly it is – there were a lot of kids participating in both events (and some were really fast!) and they offered awards in 2 year increments for the kids.  I’d definitely recommend this event for anyone looking for a well run, good cause, community event!  We’ll be back for sure!

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