Race Review – Retro Run 5k

In true Przeor fashion, we signed up for this even about a week ahead of time.  I received an email offering a free entry and signed us both up … the following weekend we headed out to Peoria to race.

This event is called the Retro Run 5k but this year it was held at the Rio Vista Sports Complex.  We have done other races at this location and they have always been 4 mile runs and with the way the running path is set up, we weren’t sure how they would be able to shorten it to a 5k.  Once we got there and signed in, our suspicions were confirmed – it was a 4 mile race.

With the fun theme and small field, we were hoping to do well in the race.   As you see, a lot of people were dressed in 80s attire and just out for a fun morning.

Kris and a few other guys took off quick and I tried to follow as did an 11 year old girl who was out in front of me for the first mile.  I told myself to stay as close as I could and followed my gut which told me she wouldn’t be able to maintain that pace the whole time.

We hit mile 1 at 6:40 and that’s when she started to slow and I was able to easily pass her – giving her a few encouraging words along the way … I love seeing young girls out at these races pushing the pace – she ended up finishing 4th overall!

Right after I passed her, another lady passed me.  She was looking strong and again, I told myself just to hold on.  After hitting mile two her pace started fluctuating – she’d slow until I was right on her heals and then she’d take off, only to slow again … and, at this point she was looking back a lot.  It was kinda fun playing this game, knowing that I was in her head.  I tried to keep my pace consistent and put on the pressure when I needed to.

As we hit mile 3 she was looking back a lot.  We came up to a water station and it looked as though she was going to grab a cup.  I knew I could make it another mile without water so I was hoping this would be my chance to pass.  She ended up not taking any and tried again to pick up the pace only this time we came to a small hill.  I hit the hill strong and she faded – once I passed, the race was mine to lose.

I knew she was close behind so I continued to push to the finish and finally came away with a 1st place finish! … by 6 seconds!

This was a small field – 127 women and 74 men … I know, strange to see the women outnumber the men!

Kris finished 3rd overall!

And, while we don’t have much room to complain since we raced for free – it’s always nice when the medals say what place you finish or there is something to distinguish between overall winners and age group winners.  For this event they just had one set of medals (with the pink lanyards) for all women who placed (1st-3rd overall or age group) … and one set (with the rainbow lanyards) for the men.

For my very first 1st place overall, I was hoping for something big and flashy … but, I guess I will have to win a big race in order to earn that! ha! :)

They had the usual spread of post-race bagels and fruit as well as Bonk Breaker bars … yum!

As part of this event they were collecting toiletry items to donate.  Anyone who brought in items received raffle tickets – we brought in a couple bags of goodies we’ve collected and walked away a raffle prize winner!

Our raffle prize – a couple hair bands,  Brooks glass and
a few sample products
As always, we are proud to be part of the Hammer Nutrition
team!!!  A pre-race Hammer Gel (along with our daily supplements)
gave us the needed energy and nutrition for a great race!

Fun and very well run event! 4 Peaks Racing hosts a number of local events and we haven’t been disappointed by one yet!  Thanks for another great morning!


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