Disneyland 1/2 Marathon Weekend – Part 3

Part 1 – Part 2

So, we finished the 1/2 marathon and went upstairs to get cleaned up … now it’s time to play!  We had dinner reservations for Club 33 that evening so before going into the parks we went to guest relations to make sure everything was in order for dinner.

We met up with George at Carnation Cafe for breakfast

Then rode a few rides …



Club 33
After a little play time – back to the room to get all dolled up for dinner.  We rode the Monorail back to Disneyland because it was HOT and the boys weren’t too excited about the walk in their suits … then we remembered the monorail doesn’t have a/c … I’d still have to say it was the better choice!
We made sure to arrive in Disneyland with time to spare so we could take a few photos and arrive at Club 33 right on time.
After taking a few photos in the hub, we went into the Tiki Room for a cool place to sit … can’t go wrong with the Tiki Room!
Our dinner reservations were for 5:30 and the show ended around 5:22 … perfect!  We walked through Adventure Land and made it to the infamous door.  To our surprise, there was a large crowd already waiting outside.  That was when we finally had the pleasure of meeting Joe Cosgrove!
He was out front and greeted us with a very warm welcome!  While we were waiting he took the time to sign our book and chat with us.
Before we knew it, the door opened and we were invited in.
We were lucky enough to be seated at Lillian’s table and Joe came over to talk with us some more.  Boy does he have amazing stories to tell!
He treated us as old friends and it was such a special moment!


Now, time to eat! We figured, since this was the only place to get a real drink in Disneyland, we might as well have one!

The rest of these photos are from our unforgettable evening …




After dinner we took a tour …





We then hung out on the balcony for Fantasmic and Fireworks.  We couldn’t see too much because of the trees – but, it was still spectacular!



After 4 1/2 hours, it was time to call it a night.  This was an evening we hoped would never end!



Since we were all dressed up – we might as well take a few more photo ops around the park!







Our Last Day … and last chance to play in the parks for a while

We knew we would be meeting up with George & Stacey at Disneyland a little later so we decided to start the day in Disney California Adventure.  After grabbing our fast pass for Radiator Springs Racers, we were pleasantly surprised when we bumped into Patty (aka @longhorns2).  We chatted with her as we walked to get a fast pass for Soarin’ and then went our separate ways.

We were hungry (again) and went for our usual post-race breakfast at Flo’s.

It was then time to ride Racers!  We were happy we could work out the timing and ride it with a couple other twitter friends – Jen (@TRVLGRL25) and Kim (@KimRunsDisney).  We met up in the fast pass return line and I FINALLY got to go into the tire room (every other time I have been in paint!).

We finished up at DCA and made our way to Disneyland.  Of course, a trip isn’t complete without a corndog from the red wagon!  Yes, we know – we eat a lot!
We had grabbed fast passes for Space Mountain earlier that morning and were disappointed to see the ride down when we went to use them … especially since they are cracking down on the fast pass return time!  We were told it would be okay and we would be allowed to return later.
I hustled ahead to grab fast passes for Splash Mountain and was going to meet up with the group at Indiana Jones.  As I passed by, I saw that Indy was down too … I sent the group a message and asked where else I should meet them.  I also sent a picture of the line for Pirates …
As I approached Splash, I found out that it was down too!  In addition, Mansion is closed for the holiday decorating and Thunder is down for refurbishment.  Man, should have stayed at DCA – it was quiet over there!
We did find one ride that was working and had a surprisingly short wait … and, was cool and relaxing!
Yep – It’s a Small World!
By the time that was done, we walked back towards Space and it was up again!
Sadly, that is where the fun ended as it was time to head back to the hotel, get our luggage and catch the shuttle to the airport.
In true Disney & runDisney spirit – this was another weekend that won’t soon be forgotten.  We love all our Disney friends and are so grateful for the positive things they bring to our lives!  Until we meet again …


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