ECA Tax Credit to Get Kids Active

As the year is coming to an end, it’s time to think about where you want you tax dollars to go.  Arizona taxpayers have the option of donating to a school’s Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) account by December 31st to receive a dollar for dollar tax credit.  YES – it truly is a DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR tax credit!  Individuals can receive credit for up to $200 and couples up to $400.  We have donated the $400 max for the past 13 years – every year we get $400 back when we file our taxes!  You are paying taxes anyway – why not have a say in where you want your tax dollars to go … It really is THAT easy!  (For those who like to read rules, click here)

In case you don’t know, Arizona is not know for spending money on education – in fact, we are ranked among the lowest for per pupil spending.  When taxpayers donate to our ECA accounts, it allows us to provide opportunities for our students we normally wouldn’t be able to.  Every school has ECA accounts – each one has a designated purpose and all money donated to that account must be spent for that designated purpose (no one can take it away!).  That means, any money donated to my PE account, gets spent by me on PE appropriate items … no one else in the school is allowed to spend the money on anything else.

At Brinton, I use the PE ECA account to get students moving and give them opportunities to be active.  This is mostly through our running club.  The Brinton Running Club is open to all students and I try to provide as much for free as I can – we are a Title 1 school and have a large population of student who would not be able to participate if there were fees.  Running and walking are among the best ways to get people active because they need no special equipment or facilities – it is something our students and their families can do.  It’s a way I can help ‘unplug’ kids and teach them lifelong healthy habits.

In previous years I have used ECA monies for:

  • Race Registrations (last year 20 of them participated in the Phoenix Marathon 10k – we are looking to get more students there this year!)
  • Proper Running Shoes
  • Shirts & Sweatshirts (uniforms)
  • Travel Costs (buses to get students to events)
  • Registration Fees for Girls on the Run

The running club has been such a success the past few years because of amazing donors who help make these things possible!


If you would like to donate to our running club, follow these steps:

  • Click here
  • If you don’t have an MPS account, create a guest account
  • Click on ‘Items At All Schools’ under Shop/Donate
  • Click on ‘Elementary Schools’
  • Click on ‘Brinton’
  • Click on ‘ECA – State Tax Credit ONLY’
  • Click on ‘A to Z – ECA Account Name’
  • Enter the amount you would like to donate to ‘PHYSICAL EDUCATION – ECA’ and click ‘Add’
  • Proceed to checkout




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