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Hey there! We’re Kris and Mindy, and welcome to Race Every Step.  We started our blog several years ago as a way to keep track of all the great events we’ve been a part of.  From there, our site has grown to include not only race reports, but also articles on nutrition, gear and general running/triathlon topics.  Hopefully you find something entertaining or useful while you’re here!

We started running in 2007, choosing our first 1/2 marathon, Rock and Roll Arizona, as our first running event.  From there we moved on to the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon, completing several local 5k races along the way.  We did our first marathon, also Rock and Roll Arizona, in 2009 and despite swearing off marathons that afternoon, we soon signed up for the 2010 Ironman Arizona. Several dozen events later and here we are…  multiple Ironman finishes, our bib numbers have dropped from the thousands to the low double digits and we’re even winning age group awards and the occasional race!  Mostly though, we’re having fun, staying in shape and meeting lots of great people along the way.

We thank you for reading, and if you have any suggestions or thoughts, please pass them along! You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter    – Kris and Mindy

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