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I recently wrote a blog post “Why we use Hammer Nutrition (and you should too)!” which covers many of the reasons we opt to train and race with Hammer Nutrition products.  I’ll leave that post to do most of the talking, but I’ll highlight a few things regarding Hammer here.  Our relationship with Hammer products and people goes back to 2009 when we met a Hammer rep through our local tri shop.  We were training with whatever products were on sale or given away as a sample at a race expo.  We figured all the products were similar and it shouldn’t make too much of a difference what we trained with.  Paul, the Hammer rep for our store, upon learning the random nature of our fueling, asked if we had ever tried Hammer Nutrition.  Paul went on to explain the natural products, the lack of artificial… well, anything, and offered us a starter pack of samples with some literature on the brand.  Hearing samples were involved, we took him up on the offer.

Once we got our hands on the products, and more importantly on the literature, I started to do my homework.  I also came to the realization that we were now signed up for Ironman Arizona, and after the debacle of our first marathon, we couldn’t afford to screw around.  Long story short, we started training exclusively with Hammer not long after talking with Paul.  From HEED to Recoverite, we’ve used a large majority of the products Hammer offers, and we believe them to be the best around.  In sixteen months of training, the last twelve of which I was on Hammer exclusively, my 1/2 marathon time dropped almost 40 minutes.  My 5k times dropped to sub 20 minutes, and my next marathon was a sub 3:30 (a 90 minute PR from my previous marathon)!  The products themselves were great, but the results had me convinced.

Fast forward to 2012 and having been loyal Hammer customers, we decided to apply for an athlete sponsorship with Hammer.  We were already using the products, referring people to the brand, and often racing in their gear, so it seemed like a natural fit.  We were beyond thrilled when we got our acceptance letter.  We’ve spent the last year racing as Hammer Sponsored athletes and the results are still providing the proof we made a great choice! We both ran Boston Marathon qualifying times this year, I completed, and set a personal record in my fourth iron distance triathlon at Vineman on four weeks of training (long story), I finished first overall in my first attempt racing a trail run, my 5k time is hovering just above 18 minutes, and my half marathon is now a sub 1:24.  Several years later, and the results still have me convinced!

If you’re looking to try something new, especially some all natural products that have a great track record with us, I encourage you to give Hammer a shot.  You can find out more by visiting them online at HammerNutrition.com. Enter referral code 281003 and you’ll save 15% off your first order.  If you need any suggestions on where to get started or for any insight on product usage, feel free to contact us as well.

Hammer On!  -Kris

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