We’re In It Together …

When we signed up for Ironman and shared the news with our friends at our triathlon shop we were told our marriage wouldn’t make it … yes, great news to start our training with.  They said we’d either split up or not get through Ironman … but, it was very unlikely we’d get through it together because Ironman is tough on marriages. They were right about it being tough … but underestimated our determination.  We did make it through Ironman together and have a few Continue reading →

Gear Review – The Grid foam roller

About a week ago, we decided to finally scrape up some money and upgrade our old foam roller. We had been using a traditional roller, and recently I started to notice the typical softening/breaking down of the foam that happens with time. With that in mind, I remembered seeing the TriggerPoint Grid roller at various race expos, online, and even at our local shop many times. It seemed like a clever idea- a hollow roller, made of a rigid plastic frame, and surrounded on the Continue reading →

The Catalyst

So, what changed? How did we go from a couple who signed-up for and ‘got through’ races to a couple who actually enjoyed Goofy’s Challenge (1/2 marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday)? The catalyst for me … cycling. The advice … find something you enjoy doing. Our lack of training was because running wasn’t enjoyable to us. Each time we’d sign up for a race we thought we’d change and be able to stick to our training goal … but, it Continue reading →

Off and Running …

January 2007 – our first big running event – PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon in Phoenix. We probably did just about everything wrong when it came to this event … and, sadly repeated those mistakes for several races to come. First, what we did well … we signed up for the race several months ahead of time – enough time to train. We also signed up with a friend which gave us some motivation to actually do the race. Our mistakes … although Continue reading →

It Begins …

Thanks for checking out our new blog. Hopefully we’ll be able to entertain, inform and inspire some of you to set new goals and do things you never thought you could. We’ll start by giving you a brief look into our lives and in the following weeks we’ll share our stories and lessons learned as well as some of our current goals. We both grew up being pretty active kids – Kris in Illinois, me (Mindy) in Arizona. We participated in various team sports and Continue reading →
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